Scrap Collection / Citizen Outreach

Independent and sustainable local fundraising is an important focus area in SRUTI and its Scrap Collection initiative helps raise funds to support the Fellowships. Resource mobilization through collection of scrap has been one of the major fundraising activities of SRUTI since the early 1990s when SRUTI pioneered fundraising through scrap collection in Delhi.

Scrap such as old newspapers, magazines, books, bottles, useless machines/furniture or any other items that can be recycled/reused are collected on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis (depending on the bulk of scrap generated). Scrap is collected from both individual and corporate donors. This initiative also helps engage more people to the cause of social justice at the grassroots.
Apart from raising funds for the SRUTI Fellowships, the scrap collection effort is also integrally aimed to increase outreach and local level advocacy on social issues. This dual process is further enriched by the recycling and environmental element.
The SRUTI Scrap Collection initiative therefore fulfills 3 key objectives:
-       Independent Fundraising
-       Increased citizen outreach & local level advocacy of social issues
-       Environmental responsibility
SRUTI attempts to independently raise atleast 10% of the Fellowship Fund through its Scrap Collection every year.

Help us strengthen our Resource Mobilization (Scrap Collection) unit through:

  1. 1. Support for running costs  (personnel support, CNG/ fuel, vehicle maintenance etc) of the Scrap Collection Programme
  2. 2. Spreading the network of corporate and individual scrap donors.
  3. 3. Support the material required for outreach
  4. 4. Volunteer to help us raise an ‘educated Rupee’

Procedure of Scrap Collection

•    Person(s) from the scrap collection team visit homes /offices on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on the bulk of scrap) after taking an appointment with the concerned person(s).
•    Scrap being donated is weighed and a receipt is given at the time of collection.
•    A contribution letter mentioning the amount of money raised from the scrap is couriered or delivered personally.
Punctuality and efficiency in scrap collection is ensured by a team of 2 full-time SRUTI team members. 

If you would like to make a donation; contribute scrap, or organise a collection drive in your office/ neighbourhood, please contact:

SRUTI  Office 011-26964946, (for all donations)
Rakesh Sharma (8800905678), Assistant Manager – Resource Mobilisation (Scrap Collection)
Sanjay Verma (8800906789), Assistant Manager – Resource Mobilisation (Scrap Collection)
SRUTI scrap collection
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