Events (Concerts and Melas)

Various events have been organised by SRUTI over the past 28 years in an effort to raise funds to support the Fellowship Programme.

By conducting week-long scrap drives at corporate offices and institutions, SRUTI endeavours to increase outreach and awareness through the simple act of donating waste. Drives have been held at Ericsson and Wipro.

SRUTI has also organised carnivals and melas in the past where a variety of products ranging from stationery, handicrafts, jewellery and food items were sold. These events also saw performances by popular music bands such as Indian Ocean as well as entertainment shows for children.

Some of the events that have been held –

  •     Scrap Drives:
    • o    Ericsson - 16th May- 20th May 2011
    • o    Wipro – 5th June 2008
    • o    Ericsson – 29th February 2008
  •     ‘SRUTI - Celebrating 25 years’, 13th Dec 2009, Teen Murti Bhavan
  •     ‘Vasant Utsav’, 11th and 12th February 2006, Blind Relief Association
  •     SRUTI Diwali Mela, 26th and 27th November 2004, International Youth Centre
  •     Christmas Carnival, 19th December 2003, International Youth Centre
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