Support Partners

One of the oldest philanthropic institutions in India (estd 1919) Sir Ratan Tata Trust is well-known for making grants towards education and medical relief along with institutional grants.

Oxfam India is a non-governmental rights based organisation, that works to fight poverty and injustice by linking grassroots programming (through partner NGOs) to local, national and global advocacy and policy-making.

Caring Friends is a group of friends based in Mumbai and other parts of India who believe in providing support to bring about needed action for social change.

Credibility Alliance is a consortium of Voluntary Organizations (VOs) committed towards enhancing Accountability and Transparency in the Voluntary Sector through good Governance. 

Based in the UK, Paul Hamlyn Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation established in 1987. They support organisations working on issues of social justice, education and the arts.

ActionAid India is an anti-poverty agency, working in India since 1972 with the disadvantaged to end poverty and injustice. 

Letzdream Foundation is a non-profit, grantmaking organization which funds non-profits to enable them to adapt more efficient and impact-driven models of development and execute social interventions which bring about lasting change. 

At APPI, the focus is to actively champion those who are disadvantaged, discriminated against or are denied basic freedoms. People who are often overlooked in the development process and are oppressed or let down by the very system meant to benefit them.

To make a tangible difference in their lives, APPI believes it is critical to look at the cause as well as the consequence. And take on seemingly insurmountable social, societal and systemic challenges.