SRUTI Sathi Milan – Fellows Meet


To ensure effective implementation of the Fellowship Program, SRUTI remains in constant touch with the Fellows located across India. Visits and regular issue-based meetings are a vital component of this process. Besides regular interactions with the Fellows, SRUTI also organizes a bi-annual Fellows Meet, better known as 'SRUTI Sathi Milan'.

The objective of organizing the Sathi Milan is to have a region-wise sharing on common issues of concern and to offer an opportunity for Fellows to meet and know more about each other and their work. The understanding of all participating members on different issues is significantly enriched through this exchange which allows for learning and strategizing in one's own area of work through varied personal experiences. The Meet also provides a platform for formation of larger alliances on common issues such as land reforms, forest rights, communalism and agriculture.

Facilitators for the meetings are either distinguished experts from the development sector or Fellows who have first-hand experience on a specific issue. Venues for the meets are decided based on the agenda, geographical distribution of the fellows and administrative considerations. The Meet is often combined with a field visit for a better understanding of the geo-political context.

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Last Updated: 02/08/2011 06:29 AM