The roles of different team members are divided between the fellowship, advocacy, resource mobilization and day to day functions of administration and accounts. Consistent with SRUTI's organizational ethos is an open structure where while hierarchies and designations exist, they are underplayed. Rather than the conventional pyramid, the organizational structure is in the nature of a constellation, with the Executive Director being a nucleus that holds together the collective force of the team. The team has a participative and consultative style of functioning. SRUTI lays stress on transparency, productivity and involvement of all members in organizational processes.

Baldew Thakur, Finance Officer

With a background in commerce and management systems, Baldew has been with SRUTI for over a decade. He is a key member of the finance department at SRUTI, driving the overall budgeting, financial accounting and tax matters.

Baldew has extensive experience in working with chartered accountant firms such as the Kuber Group, Ram C. Kapoor Associates and MD Gujrati.

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Jojy Mathew, Assistant Officer – Finance and Admin

Jojy has been with SRUTI for almost ten years. He is responsible for all secretarial work comprising of documentation, correspondence and logistics, preparation of briefs for the Executive Director and assistance to all the Executives and programme support staff.

A graduate from Kerala University, Jojy has considerable secretarial training experience and plays an instrumental role in our endeavour to document the Fellows’ work better. He is currently working on expanding his technology skills taking on additional work of photo editing and archiving.

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Rakesh Sharma, Assistant Manager – Resource Mobilisation

Having been part of the fundraising team since 2000, Rakesh is now an integral part of the SRUTI Scrap collection programme. His main responsibilities include coordination of scrap collection from both institutions and individual households. Additionally he is also involved in constant assessment of the programme as well as efforts to widen the scrap donor base through references and networking.

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Sanjay Verma, Assistant Manager – Resource Mobilisation

Sanjay Verma joined SRUTI in 1998 and has been part of the SRUTI fundraising programme ever since. His main responsibilities include coordination of scrap collection from both institutions and individual households. Additionally he is also involved in constant assessment of the programme as well as efforts to widen the scrap donor base through references and networking.

Sanjay has previously worked as supervisor with Sulabh International in Rajasthan.

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Mahipal Singh (Mohan), Assistant - Admin & Fellowship Programme

Mahipal Singh, better known as Mohan, has been with SRUTI for the past 7 years. Starting with the fund raising division of SRUTI Foundation, Mohan’s efficient ways of working have made him an indispensable asset to the organisation. He now takes on responsibilities ranging from bank errands, file management and handling of computers, documentation, photo archiving and assisting in office administration. 

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Satyam Srivastava, Director

Satyam has been with SRUTI for over 9 years. As a key member of the Fellowship Team, he drives the overall budget planning and allocation. Additionally, he is also involved in the monitoring and evaluation of the work of SRUTI Fellows, coordinating perspective building initiatives including activist school and Theatre of the Oppressed as well as conducting workshops on various issues at the grassroot level.

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Shweta Tripathi, Director

Shweta Tripathi has been working with social sector for over 15 years. With her extensive experience working with peoples’ organisations in India, presently she is co-heading (Co-Director) a not-for-profit organisation Society for Rural, Urban and Tribal Initiative (SRUTI).

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Saurabh Sinha, Program Executive

A masters graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences with the practice concentration of women-centred social work, (2012 batch), Saurabh has earlier worked with a Bangalore-based research NGO. He has also worked closely as a student with the police and state systems on the issues of violence against women and issues of housing and rehabilitation in slum communities of Mumbai.

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Elin Archana Lakra, Assistant Programme Executive

Elin Archana Lakra, a graduate in Social Work - Community Organization and Development Practice,TISS believes in positive and democratic social change through community participation.Her previous work experience with prisoners and urban settlers in Siliguri helped in developing her consciousness to contribute towards a more equal and just society.

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Emlon Tirkey, Assistant Programme Executive

Emlon has done his M.A. in Regulatory Governance from TISS, Mumbai (2013-15). He has previously worked with Chhattisgarh Social Audit Unit as District Facilitator and was engaged in auditing different schemes such as MGNREGS, Indira awas yojana, mid day meal etc. at panchayat level.  He was also an active participant in different study circles in his student life and was involved in socio-political and cultural movements in the campus. 

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Asha Raveendran, Assistant Programme Executive

Social work post graduate with grassroots experience in terms of working with communities and wide spectrum of actors including the government agency and civil societies. 

She is fascinated by the design, delivery, and impact of interventions undertaken by civil societies in supplementing the government as well as making for its absence. Right based legislations are also a piece of jigsaw in the development sector which she has worked upon and intend to explore it further. 

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