Sanjeev Dom

Sanjeev Dom

Working within the most vulnerable groups of society - highly marginalized Dalit communities such as dom, musahar and chamar – Bahishkrit Hitkari Sangathan (BHS), led by Sanjeev , has equipped them to lead a life of entitlement and dignity. Nearly a decade ago, deeply disturbed by the conditions of these communities in Bihar, Sanjeev gave up his career in Delhi to work towards eradication of untouchability and the extreme humiliation of these communities, in his home district of Khagaria.

Sanjeev has been a SRUTI Fellow since he began this community work. It has now spread to four more districts in Bihar. Despite threats from upper caste landlords and Maoist groups, Sanjeev continues to take up cases of caste atrocities and land rights for dalits, as promised during the Bhoodan movement.

In a short span, the sangathan’s intervention has resulted in doms stopping the tradition of begging and scavenging for food from leftovers of weddings and other public events. The sangathan also organises an annual Kalash Yatra where women and men, who were previously denied access to sacred Hindu sites, march to the Ganga and bathe in the river and collect the holy water in pots. With a strong emphasis on self-reliance and education, there has been a gradual increase in the awareness amongst community members, especially the youth. The sangathan aims to usher a core shift in a society that has caste discrimination entrenched in it. BHS also leads relief efforts in Khagaria which is flood-prone every monsoon. Sanjeev and Bahiskrit Hitkari Sangathan were also recognized for their work in the TV series Satyamev Jayate in 2013.

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