Pandurang and Saroja

Pandurang and SarojaPandurang and Saroja

Pandurang has been working in areas such as employment, health, PDS, education and women’s empowerment in Shiroor Anantpal and Nilanga blocks in Latur District in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra for over two decades. His systematic planning and accurate understanding of the conditions on the ground have guided his activism and resulted in making schemes like PDS and scholarships for girl children effective, efficient and corruption-free.

Born the youngest of six sons in a poor family in a village 25 km from the town of Shiroor Anantpal, Pandurang had to struggle against poverty in his childhood. After struggling to complete his school education, he started working with a sangathan in Pune. In 1989 he returned to his hometown and started working with bonded labour, and in 1990 became one of the founder members of the Campaign for Human Rights. His engagement with CHR led to the evolution of the Shoshit Kamgar Sangathana that became a registered body in 1999.

Saroja married Pandurang in 1990 and for the first time became exposed to the world of sangathan work. Over the years she has developed a deeper understanding of the work and has become an integral part of the sangathan. The Mahila Sangathan i.e. the women’s wing is her sole responsibility. Thanks to their joint efforts, hundreds of women are active members of the collective. Further, there has been a marked improvement in their confidence level, and status in society. Pandurang and Saroja became SRUTI Fellows in 2001.

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